Go Paperless, Go Green - Ricoh's Digital Meter Reading and Billing Process

Ricoh's 'Go Paperless, Go Green' Drive

Ricoh has always been responsible for its environmental responsibilities, as exemplified by our philosophy of pursuing a balance between 'the three Ps'- People, Planet and Profit. Now it extends this commitment to yet another area, and has invited customers to join hand with it.

Ricoh conducted an analysis of its entire billing and payment collection cycle - including the use of paper, and the movement of our employees for meter reading and invoicing. On an average, in any major city, Ricoh employees travel 70,000 km every month, translating into 5400 kg of carbon dioxide emission.

Ricoh is Digitising it's Meter and Billing Process

Creating harmony between work and environment.

The Ricoh Group aims to remain a valued and respected member of society by conserving the environment while generating profits through its businesses. Ricoh established the Comet Circle as the basis for fostering social sustainability. The Comet Circle presents our stance on reducing environmental impact, reflecting our scope as a manufacturer and seller and the entire lifecycles of our products, including upstream and downstream activities. The Comet Circle is factored into all aspects of our business.

Ricoh's mid- and long-term environmental impact reduction goals

Reduce total lifecycle carbon dioxide emissions by the Ricoh Group (including emissions of the ‘five gases’ converted into CO ) from the fiscal 2000 level by:

30% by 2020 87.5% by 2050

Reduce the new input of resources from the fiscal 2007 level by:

25% by 2020 87.5% by 2050

Comet CircleTM - Our social sustainability concept


The amount of reusable materials recovered from used products (FY2016)


Resource recovery rate of wastes (Ricoh and the manufacturing subsidiaries of the Ricoh Group - FY2016)

Ricoh India is the first India company to register its imaging products to meet the stringent environmental benchmarks, as defined under the EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) rating system